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Dana Medical Library Liaison Program


The Library Liaison Program fosters direct and effective communication about services, information resources, and other library matters. Under this program, a professional health sciences librarian on the staff of the Dana Medical Library is assigned to serve as a liaison between the Libraries and units of the University of Vermont College of Medicine, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and the UVM Medical Center.

Depending on the needs of the unit, activities of a Librarian Liaison might include:

  • Monitoring curricular and research developments in the unit
  • Periodic meetings with individuals or groups of faculty to review information needs, including resources that should be added
  • Contacting graduate students, new faculty, postdoctoral associates, etc., to discuss research and teaching needs
  • Tailoring instructional programs to specific unit needs
  • Providing assistance on difficult, specialized database searches
  • Communicating with units about electronic access issues

A team of Library Faculty at the Dana Medical Library carries out the responsibilities of the Liaison Program. Liaisons may be reached by phone or e-mail.

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