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Linking to Streaming Videos in Blackboard

In order to link to streaming videos you will need:

  • a stable URL (also known as persistent links or permalinks) or the code for insering an embedded video for each item
  • to ensure that all links you create will be routed through the Libraries' proxy server to permit off-campus login

Linking to Streaming Videos With Stable URLs

Stable URLs, when they are available, can usually be found on the page that describes the video. Sometimes they can also be located by following a link to bookmark or share an item. Do not simply use the URL that appears in the address bar of your browser as this will usually not work. The following image shows how a stable URL looks in Filmaker's Library Online.


In order for a stable URL to work from off-campus it must be preceded by the following proxy server information:

  • http://ezproxy.uvm.edu/login?url=

The full URL for the article above is:

  • http://ezproxy.uvm.edu/login?url=http://flon.alexanderstreet.com.ezproxy.uvm.edu/view/1650463.

Embedding Videos

Many of our streaming videos can be embedded in Blackboard. In order to make them work you will need to copy the embed code, paste it into Blackboard and make a small adjustment to make sure off-campus users can view the work from off-campus.

  • http://ezproxy.uvm.edu/login?url=

When you copy the embed code it will look something like this:

Edit the code where shown using the ezproxy information above:

Once embedde the video will look like this:

Always test your link from on and off-campus.

For more assistance please contact, Daisy Benson (daisy.benson@uvm.edu).

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