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How to Send and Pick Up Print Jobs

Sending Print Jobs

  1. Send your print job to the printer by clicking on the print icon or "Print" in the menu options of your browser or other program.
  2. Select the printer where you wish to pick up your print job. They are all able to do 2-sided (Duplex) print jobs.
    • Cafe_BW_CatScratch in the Cyber Cafe
    • Cafe_Color_CatScratch in the Cyber Cafe
    • Reserve_BW_Catscratch in the Bailey/Howe lobby
    • Ref_BW_Catscratch in the Reference area near the McRorey Gallery
  3. Click on Properties or Preferences to enable 2-sided printing for these printers.
    • For Ref_BW_CatScratch choose the Basic tab, check Print on both sides and click on Long Edge in the Duplex section.
    • For Cafe_BW_Catscratch, Cafe_Color_CatScratch choose the Finishing tab, click on 2-Sided Printing, and choose Long Edge.
  4. Click on Print to send the job to the printer specified.
  5. When prompted, type a name for your print job (you can give it any name you want)
  6. When prompted, type a password for your printjob (again, of your choice; this is case sensitive).

Picking Up Print Jobs at the CatScratch Payment Option Print Stations

  1. Go to Print Station where you sent your job.
  2. Swipe your Cat$cratch or Library Copy Card in the card reader.
  3. Using the mouse, select the tab that corresponds to the first letter of the name for your print job.
  4. Highlight your print job on the list.
  5. Click the print button.
  6. Enter the password you gave your print job.
  7. Click on Logout.

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