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Copying, Printing & Scanning in the Libraries

Copying in the Libraries

The UVM Libraries offer both color and black-and-white copying in various locations. Many of these copiers have the capability to copy larger-format materials (up to 11x17).

Locations of Black-and-White Copiers

  • Inside Cyber Cafe
  • Outside Cyber Cafe
  • 2nd floor, near microforms
  • Special Collections

Locations of Color Copiers

  • Inside Cyber Cafe

Printing in the Libraries

The UVM Libraries offer both color and black-and-white printing. All printers are set to print in duplex mode (both sides of a sheet of paper) and most have the capability of printing onto 11x17 paper. Print jobs are sent to a centralized server and then picked up at a print station in the desired location.

Locations of Print Stations

  • Inside Cyber Cafe
  • Outside Cyber Cafe
  • Reference Area

There are also Print Stations available in the Dana Medical Libraries.

Specialized Printing Options offered by the Maproom

The Maproom located on the Ground Floor of Bailey/Howe Library has a printer for printing materials available in the Maproom. This includes scans and printouts from specialized software available in this location.

Printing from Laptops to Library Printers

The UVM Libraries allows users with laptops to install our printing solution software so they can print from their laptops directly to library printers.

Scanning in the Libraries

The UVM Libraries offer a variety of scanning options in various locations.

Document Scanning Locations & Options

  • Inside Cyber Cafe (BW & color) -- no charge
  • Outside Cyber Cafe (BW & color) -- no charge
  • 2nd floor, near microforms (BW & color) -- no charge
  • Lower level, Center for Multimedia Development, Flatbed scanners -- no charge
  • Maproom, Large-format flatbed scanner -- no charge
  • Special Collections, Large-format flatbed scanner -- no charge

Microform Scanning Options

  • 1st floor, Reference Area, Microfilm/Microfiche Scanners
  • 1st floor, Reference Area, MicroOpaque Card Scanner

Slide and Negative Scanning

The Center for Multimedia Development, on the ground floor of Bailey/Howe Library, offers the capability to create scans from slides and negatives, as well as the software to enhance and manipulate those scans. Technical assistance is provided by UVM TechCATs.

Fees for Copying & Printing

Copies and printouts may be paid for with an existing Cat$cratch account, by adding money to your UVM ID card at the vending machine by the Circulation Desk, or by purchasing a Cat$cratch card from the vending machine. Cat$cratch cards cost $1.00 and is loaded with $1.00 worth of value.

Type of Page Payment Method Price per Page1
B&W copies or printouts Cat$cratch
Color copies or printouts Cat$cratch 25¢

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