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Public Computers and Related Equipment

Instructions and assistance are provided on request for all equipment.


  • 12 Windows 7, Office 2010/Office 2013, CD-RW and USB flash drive ports. Sorry, no Macs.
  • UVM students, faculty, and staff, follow the directions on the screen to log in with your NetID, or use your COMIS account.
  • University of Vermont Medical Center employees and library guests, please ask at the Main Desk for help logging in.
  • Save your work to your Zoo or COMIS server space, or use a USB flash drive.

Teaching Classroom

  • Location: Off the main hallway in the Dana Library - Room 108
  • Teaching station with PC and hookups
  • Ceiling-mounted projector
  • Classroom can be scheduled by calling Kate Bright at 656-0695
  • Classroom can be used when the room is not reserved for teaching
  • (see Guidelines for Use)

Computer Software


  • Use headphones to listen to audio portion of Blackboard and COMET assignments.
  • Check them out for use in Dana at the Main Desk.

Laptops: Accommodations for Personal Equipment

  • Network jacks
    • Requires a network card.
    • An Ethernet cable may be checked out at the Main Desk for use in Dana.
  • Wireless Internet access: for UVM affiliates only
    • Requires a wireless network card.
    • Your wireless-capable device should detect a network called "UVM". Joining it will require a few minutes' setup, but you only need to do that once per device. After that, your laptop or handheld should automatically sign onto "UVM" when selected. See instructions at http://www.uvm.edu/ets/wireless/

Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

  • CAT$cratch on UVM ID or Guest Copy Card purchased from our vending machine: 5¢ per side for black and white, 25¢ for color.
  • Cash: 10¢ per side for black and white, 25¢ for color.
  • Guest Copy cards may be purchased from a vending machine located adjacent to the photocopiers. Guest Copy Cards cost $1.00 with a CAT$cratch value of $1.00 already preloaded on each card. You may add to the balance of the card using this vending machine.
  • Printing from Laptops: install UVM Libraries printing solution software to print from laptops directly to library printers.
  • Scan black and white or color documents to your email, free of charge.

Specialized Equipment

  • One flatbed scanner with Kurzweil scanning and reading software.
  • Scan graphics, text, and images.
  • CCTV Magnifier for impaired vision

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