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Simple Help

Simple Help will get you some help quickly if you don't have access to a cell phone in your class.

This program will work only if the network is working.

If it is a network issue, please call our help line at (802)656-8924

Simple Help is a IM (Instant Message)program that allows us to take over the computer and was already being used across campus.

We have set it up so you will access only the CTS group.

Just double click on the shortcut on the desktop, A technician will connect to your session.

Please tell the tech who you are and what classroom you are in as well as the problem you are having.

The tech will do one of several things, depending on the problem.

They will let you know that someone is on the way over or that they will report the problem to the appropriate department.

If it is a computer issue, the tech will need to take control of the classroom computer remotely.

A box will pop up asking for control of the computer, please click on Allow.

This will enable the tech to install updates, and check programs on the computer.

When the tech is finished, they will transfer control back to you and check to make sure the problem has been fixed.

You or the tech will then end the session and you may continue with your class.

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