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Expectations of Library Behavior

Welcome to the Bailey/Howe Library. In the interests of productive work and research, we have developed the following expectations about library behavior:

  • Patrons will behave in a respectful manner, toward library staff and faculty, and toward one another. Patrons will refrain from behavior which proves unsafe or disruptive to the study environment.

  • Food and drink permitted, except in Special Collections and Maps. Please keep all food and drink away from contact with library materials, computers, and audio-visual equipment. If food and/or drink is causing a distraction, we will ask you to remove it to the Cyber Café.

  • Cell phones must be turned to vibrate upon entering the building. Cell phone conversations are permitted in the Cyber Café, the lobby, or outside the library. Volume of audio and media devices must be set to a level that is not audible to others.

  • The second and third floors are designated for quiet study: any communication will happen in a hushed tone, and prolonged conversations must be moved to the first floor. Cell phones must be turned to vibrate and cell phone conversations are prohibited on these floors. Calls may be taken to the Cyber Café, the lobby, or outside the library.

  • The use of power cords must not obstruct movement or create hazards. Library staff may ask patrons to move or remove power cords or other obstructions if they are deemed unsafe.

  • For their safety, children must be supervised.

  • No bicycles are permitted inside the building.

  • Only service animals only are permitted. See the UVM policy Service and Comfort Animals for details. If animals are left unattended outside the library building, library staff will notify police services.

  • Shirt and shoes are required.

  • Patron behavior must conform to additional University of Vermont policies, such as Facilities and Ground Use and Code of Students Rights and Responsibilities.
When a library patron has violated these expectations, the library reserves the right to ask the patron to leave, or we will call campus security.

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